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Exuding Green in Holland

Exuding Green in Holland

March 27, 2008

We're green alright, and Glenn Hasek, from Green Lodging News, writes all about it.

"...Here in the heart of Holland, Mich., a town known for its roots in Dutch culture, a new eco-boutique style hotel has opened that is anything but traditional. The five-story, 56-room CityFlatsHotel is proof that powerful things can happen when sleek, modern design meets environmental coolness..."

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CityFlats Exudes Green

Green Lodging News
Green Lodging News

Green Lodging News is devoted solely to environment-related issues that impact profitability, and is delivered by e-mail to hotel owners, managers, executives, front-line employees, vendors, students, consultants and others throughout the lodging industry.

Green Lodging News covers the hottest issues impacting hotel operations in the following areas: energy management, HVAC, waste management, design, cleaning and maintenance, water conservation, lighting, appliances, green design and more.

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