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CityFlatsHotel Opens Modernized 1920s Ballroom

CityFlatsHotel Opens Modernized 1920s Ballroom

October 4, 2012

It's been just a year since the boutique CityFlatsHotel opened in downtown Grand Rapids' former Fox Jewelers building (83 Monroe Center NW). Now the hotel has thrown wide the doors to The Ballroom @ CityFlatsHotel, its new 6,000-square-foot ballroom and event space next door in the former Michigan National Bank building (77 Monroe Center NW).

The $500,000 upgrade includes a variable LED lighting system, a sound system and two mobile flat screen televisions for events that need audio/visual support.

All food is prepared onsite and the catering menu offers options from simple appetizers to buffets to multi-course sit-down dinners for 200 with a full service staff.

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CityFlatsHotel opens modernized 1920s ballroom, event space in downtown Grand Rapids

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