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New Eco-Friendly Hotel to Enter Port Huron

New Eco-Friendly Hotel to Enter Port Huron

April 16, 2014

CityFlatsHotel will soon inhabit the iconic Sperry's Building

Port Huron, MI will become home to a new eco-friendly boutique hotel; CityFlatsHotel brand will open its third Michigan location in this historic downtown setting. Located at 301 Huron Avenue, CityFlatsHotel - Port Huron will revive one of the most well-known landmarks in the area. The building which once housed Sperry's Department Store will be converted into a truly unique hotel property, a project CityFlatsHotel is familiar with from the construction of its Grand Rapids, MI location.

Chuck Reid, owner of CityFlatsHotel believes "There is nothing more exciting than to see your baby take their first steps. We are honored and excited to be chosen to expand our CityFlatsHotel brand, along with developing a new center of activity for the bustling Port Huron downtown."

After purchasing the building in 2011 and beginning restorations, development group Sperry's Landmark Inc. has now signed a licensing agreement with CityFlatsHotel. In addition to licensing, CityFlatsHotel will operate the property through a management agreement.

Principal of Sperry's Landmark Inc. Brent Marsall says that "After several years of determination, Sperry's Landmark is looking forward to welcoming CityFlatsHotel to downtown Port Huron. We recognize the value that CityFlatsHotel will bring to our downtown. With their unique experience and success in the development of 'Boutique Hotels', we are confident that our team will continue to grow downtown Port Huron to new heights."

The projected opening for CityFlatsHotel - Port Huron is spring 2015.

Chuck Reid and Sperry's Landmark Inc. will announce the CityFlatsHotel - Port Huron project Wednesday afternoon at the Sperry's Building at 3pm. Members of the Media are welcome to attend.

The CityFlatsHotel in Holland and Grand Rapids are locally owned, boutique hotels. CityFlatsHotel - Holland is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified hotel in the Midwest and CityFlatsHotel - Grand Rapids has also recently achieved LEED Gold certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. Future CityFlatsHotel properties will reflect the design and aesthetic of the flagship location in Holland and will be designed to achieve LEED certification. More information on CityFlatsHotel can be found at

If you would like more information on the CityFlatsHotel - Port Huron project or would like to schedule an interview, please call Jack Peaphon at (616) 796-2130 or

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