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Eco-Friendly Hotels in Grand Rapids and Holland, MI

Why a Green Hotel?

The earth has been good to us, so we are returning the favor. We believe the conservation and protection of our environment will ensure the planet's longevity and improve quality of life for all people. We believe in reducing waste sent to landfills, conserving energy and water, reducing harmful greenhouse emissions, and ultimately creating a healthy and safe environment for guests and employees. At CityFlatsHotel, guests of our hotels in Holland and Grand Rapids, MI can satisfy their eco-conscience without sacrificing style.

First in the Midwest

CityFlatsHotel Holland was the first hotel in the Midwest to achieve LEED Gold Certification. Each CityFlatsHotel location boasts interior furniture and décor designed and manufactured with local materials and rapidly renewable resources. The majority of all finished products were manufactured in Holland, Michigan.

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Green By Design

CityFlatsHotel uses green materials, technologies, and practices to reduce our impact on the environment. Green features at each location vary and may include cork flooring, low-VOC adhesives, naturally hypo-allergenic bamboo linens, CityDrēm Mattresses, natural lighting, high-efficiency heating and cooling units, low-flow faucets and toilets, fluorescent lighting, Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Certified recycled materials and low-VOC paint.

Elegant, tasteful, and welcoming, we also offer magnificent, eco-friendly wedding venues, banquet halls, and reception halls. Whether you are interested in our hotel in Grand Rapids or our Holland, MI location, each room offers a unique flair all its own. Sure to impress you and your guest, consider our hotels in Michigan for a stunning event. Come see how our boutique hotels are award-winning and unlike any others in the area. With excellent and professional staff, modern and stylish accommodations, and exquisite in-house catering, we are a venue you must come and see for yourself.